Change Never Changes

In her near-150 years, Drury’s 18 presidents have each brought with them a definitive and unique “new” generation to the university. Though each new generation was largely inspired by the administration, external factors such as war and the Civil Rights Movement also played key roles in defining our curriculum, our mission and our moral compass. While these 18 generations were differentiated in challenging ways at times, one common thread unified them in creating and maintaining the Drury we know and love today: Drury’s long-standing and heavily-tested values, deeply-rooted in the liberal arts tradition.

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Defining the Generation: Hearing and Being Heard

Generations typically cover 30 years. By this math, Drury has existed for nearly five generations. The United States has been around for about eight. The U.S. compartmentalizes its own generations, especially those born in the last hundred years, in a more compact timespan. These delineations are used, and sometimes abused, by psychologists (pop and otherwise), marketers and the media at large. Generational differences abound, their narratives tell us, and they’re stubbornly in place.

I have to wonder — but are they?

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Techie Talk: A Digital Revolution

This spring, I had the pleasure of speaking to
accounting information systems students in the Breech School of Business about how technology is supported at Drury. During our question and answer session, a student asked, “How has technology changed campus in the last 20 years?” The answer to this question is that technology has radically altered the rate of change and uncertainty we face as leaders in strategic planning within higher education.

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A Deferred Dream

Loretta Mask graduated from Drury University’s St. Robert campus in May. It’s a major achievement for most, but when Mask walked at commencement and received her bachelor’s degree in general studies, the moment was even more monumental.

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About This Issue

From a new campus master plan to academic reenvisioning, Drury University is in an exciting period of regeneration and rejuvenation on all fronts. Each fall, more students come to Drury seeking academic excellence and the Drury experience we all know so well — and we are proud to share our history and our “regenerated” and “rejuvenated” future with them, with you. 

In this issue, we delve deep into Drury’s rich history, the future of technology and what it all means in today’s ever-changing society. Each story shares the views of those who have come before us and those who will follow in our footsteps long after we are gone. Join us in celebrating our past, present and fruitful future.


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